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Inbound Trips To Ireland Up 20%

Inbound Trips To Ireland Up 20%

With Ireland enjoying the fastest growing economy in Europe, there is even more encouraging news from the CSO, confirming a significant increase in inbound trips to Ireland from the USA, Great Britain and Europe.

According to the Central Statistics Office, from the period November 2015 – January 2016, the total number of trips to Ireland increased by 18.4% to 1,745,400 - an overall increase of 271,400 compared to the same period twelve months earlier.

Trips by residents of Great Britain increased by 17.5% to 815,700, while trips by residents of European countries other than Great Britain increased by 21.1% to 576,200. Trips by residents of North America to Ireland increased by 19.4% to 240,200, while trips to Ireland from other areas increased by 10.6%.

Following several years of re inventory, the 'Celtic Tiger', synonymous with the Republic of Ireland economy in 1995-2000 is emerging once again; stronger and more agile than ever.