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Global Glamour .. What's New for Weddings in 2021?

<p>Global Glamour .. What's New for Weddings in 2021?<span></span></p>

Global Glamour .. What's New for Weddings in 2021?

Investing more on each guest, sustainability, 'micro weddings', beauty looks from home.. when it comes to global glamour what's trending for weddings in 2021?

The world of weddings has been transformed over the past year but love is on the agenda like never before and while things have changed utterly, there's a move towards more individuality now as we look at the post-pandemic landscape.

All we know is that weddings will look very different in 2021 and beyond and expectations have been changed completely - by couples themselves and guests. So what's on the horizon?

Micro Weddings

There's a big rise in the 'micro wedding' which is an intimate wedding - this has been by necessity rather than by design with restrictions being imposed but the trend is continuing and the idea of investing more on each guest while keeping the list small is appealing to many couples. This downsizing of guest lists can lead to a more personal experience and special guests feeling really valued. From sending 'care packages' in advance to personalised gifts to guests, it's all about pampering.

Weddings - the Sequel

While for some couples it's all about downsizing - other couples are following up their small weddings and doing the double by holding part 2! Not content with the smaller event, they are planning a large-scale follow-up event when restrictions ease with a more party-like vibe and celebrating their love in front of a big audience of friends and family that couldn't attend the first time around! They're even repeating their vows and bringing in some of the traditions of the original day like throwing the bouquet and cutting the cake.

Unexpected Venues

A wedding at home in your garden .. a wedding on a boat .. a local brewery, an adventure wedding, festival style sites, local botanical gardens, museums and galleries, circus tents and zoos even train stations and treehouses! Anything goes in the new wedding landscape and its all about the views - picturesque and skyline or rustic at sunset - beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Green Vibes with Upcycling

Sustainability is big right now and will remain at the fore as climate change dominates. Couples now want sustainable ways to host their celebrations. They're repurposing door, they're sourcing locally grown flowers and ensuring there is not a large carbon footprint when it comes to their food. Heirloom engagement rings, reset family stones, responsibly sourced diamonds, recycled paper, couples are getting creative when it comes to going green.

DIY Glamour

It's been all about Zoom trials for brides over the past year and it's become de rigueur for brides and bridesmaids to now experiment on doing hair and makeup from home bringing in experts - but virtually instead. It's not as easy as it seems so many have been signing up to tutorials for make-up and beauty and using the chance to acquire new skills that they can carry through with them post-pandemic - so it's not just their big day - they can look glossy going forward!

Whether it's non-traditional footwear, throw out the rulebook bridal styles there are certainly some epic non-traditional bridal styles and approaches coming through for 2021!