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"Being Irish has shaped my entire life" says Joe Biden

Joe Biden is proud of his Irish Roots
Joe Biden is proud of his Irish Roots

It is no secret that the 2020 Democratic candidate Joe Biden, has Irish connections that run deep; for decades the part Irish Delaware politician has tied his identity to Ireland.

Biden grew up in Scranton, in a predominantly Irish neighborhood and an overwhelmingly Irish parish where there was a clear identification with people being Irish; 90 percent of his class­ mates identified themselves as such..

According to the Irish Examiner Joe's 2020 campaign team itself is filled with many Irish-sounding names. Biden's campaign manager is Jennifer O'Malley Dillon, who the Washington Post has described as transforming his campaign. She is a former Obama strategist and refers to herself as a "proud" Irish American and If elected, she could act as the President's Chief of Staff.

Seldom does Joe Bidens speeches not include a quote from an Irish poet like Seamus Heaney. While visiting Ireland in 2016 Biden praised his mother and his Irish roots:

"My mother was a proud, proud woman who thought us that you never bend, you never break, resilience is critically important. I guess it comes from our Irish roots."