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Is Love Island's Ian Stirling the worlds best voiceover?

Love Island couple & 5 Star favs Ian Stirling & Laura Whitmore
Love Island couple & 5 Star favs Ian Stirling & Laura Whitmore
Love Island couple Ian Stirling & Laura Whitmore

You may not immediately recognise his face, but it's his unmistakable voice that sets fans of Love Island wild.

Iain Sterling's trademark 'ToniiiiiiiIIIIIIiiight' sets up the action in the villa, and his witty commentary is now one of the biggest secrets to the show's success. "I always get recognised for my voice - especially when I'm in a queue in a shop. It's only when I open my mouth that people realise who I am".

His voiceovers deconstruct the romantic fantasy of televised dating and all the high points and the heartbreak that comes with that. His self-deprecating comments are always with affection as he voices hundreds of hours of villa antics to glowing reviews. He explains that it's all done by knowing that 'you can only make fun of something for being bad if it's actually quite good.

Love Island hit on a worldwide ratings-winning formula when they chose a comedian to do the voiceover. While Irish star Laura Whitmore is the hugely-successful face of the show, it's only recently that the very private couple revealed that they were together after meeting at an ITV party.

After Iain popped the question in South Africa while filming Winter Love Island, the couple married in a quiet wedding in 2020 in Dublin's City Hall with their six-year-old dog Mick as a guest. This year they welcomed their baby daughter, who is said to be named Stevie Re.

As twenty-somethings from all over the UK spend two months in the Mallorca villa dating on camera for Love Island, this is the first year that the 33-year-old comedian and narrator is doing the voiceovers from his home office in the UK.

Iain left law school to become a stand-up comic and was doing children's tv and working for the BBC before being called to work on Love Island. He now has his own tv show - a semi-autobiographical sitcom about a children's tv host called Buffering, which is airing this summer.

His unusual accent is from growing up in a town called Leith where Transporting was set - and he's known there now as 'Iain the voiceover'!

Love Island is a huge hit again this year, and headlines are now describing the 'strange magic of Iain Sterling's narration' as one of the reasons that 2.6 million viewers cannot get enough of the tv hit.