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Ketzal Collection – Ireland's Newest Luxury Brand

<p>Ketzal Collection – Ireland's Newest Luxury Brand<span></span></p>
<p>Ketzal Collection – Ireland's Newest Luxury Brand<span></span></p>

The Ketzal Blanket collection is Ireland's newest luxury brand and this stunning collection of elegant Baby Alpaca blankets and throws is fast gathering pace for those in the know, looking for an elegant and exquisite timeless treat.

Ireland's only two-star Michelin restaurant was the first to spot the beauty and practicality of this soft, light and fine collection. Irish and international visitors to Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud at Dublin's five star Merrion Hotel are now invited to wrap themselves warmly while enjoying the al fresco atmosphere of the terrace. "It's a beautiful product and we're delighted to have it", commented Patrick Guilbaud.

With a gentle palette of natural greys and beiges and nostalgic pinks and blues to choose from, these charming and classic wraps are presented in a stunning signature cream and gold box. The brainchild of founder Audrey Brennan, her vision, led by devotion to quality and attention to detail, was to design "comforting treats that hold feelings of care and affection and become treasured reminders of a special person or place".

Alpacas are gentle, hardy animals that live in the Highlands of Peru and are shorn, without harm, every twelve to eighteen months. Their fleece is turned into a super yarn that has remarkable insulating capacity due to tiny hollow pockets within the fibre. Hypoallergenic and naturally stain resistant, Alpaca yarn comes in 22 natural colours and is a marvellous renewable and biodegradable resource. Caragh Walsh, who has wide experience of the marketing of luxury brands, including Hennessy Cognac, Moet and Chandon and Veuve Cliquot, has joined Ketzal Blanket as Marketing Manager. "We can work with clients to mark special occasions with a monogrammed blanket and are happy to create unique customised gifts that will last for many years"

Ketzal Blanket, which is available in single colours and a reversible two-colour version is available online at and in the Jonnmar stores in Dublin and Paris.