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Paris Hilton Beach Club

Paris Hilton Beach Club

Billion dollar heiress and astute global branding superstar, Paris Hilton, is now set to follow in her grandpa's footsteps. The international style icon flew to the Philippines this year to lead the grand opening of her first real estate project, the Paris Beach Club. 

Designed in collaboration with Century Property Group, the Paris Beach club is a unique amenity which integrates world class entertainment, relaxation and dining into one seamless tropical-inspired experience.

For over fifteen years Paris has crafted a business empire featuring over seventeen different product lines, including clothing, handbags and fragrances. Paris receives endorsement requests daily from some of the worlds leading brands. Her book, 'Confessions of an Heiress', was on the New York Times best seller list for five weeks. 

Among her numerous style influences, Paris considers her mother, Kathy Hilton, as her greatest mentor.  At a very young age, Paris and sister Nicky were constantly exposed to the world of fashion while seated front-row at exclusive runway shows in Paris, New York and Italy.