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Record Investement in UK & Ireland Real Estate

European Real Estate More Attractive Than Ever
European Real Estate More Attractive Than Ever
European Real Estate More Attractive Than Ever

Despite rising construction costs and inflation, real estate investment in the UK was up 48% in the first quarter of 2022, illustrating the strength and resilience of the sector. The strong performance has led CBRE to forecast a 25% increase in UK residential investment for 2022.

This follows a report published by the consultancy firm CBRE in January highlighting that the real estate sector attracted record investment in Europe in 2021, reaching 359 billion euros. The figure was 25% higher than that recorded in 2020 and 8% higher than in 2019, pre-pandemic

Real estate investment has been rebounding year on year in almost all European countries. In addition to the region's leading economy and the Nordic countries, the study pointed to the UK (+ 49%), Ireland (+ 54%), and Spain (+ 33%). However, in some markets, such as France (-9%), Portugal (-21%) and the Netherlands (-10%), investment volumes were lower than in 2020.