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The Cool Bride Guide 2022

<p>The Cool Bride Guide 2022</p>

Wedding planning post-pandemic is well underway especially with events that were postponed in 2021. From dresses to destinations, here's our cool bride guide:

Luxury Dress Rentals

It's all about sustainability and eco-friendly options right now and luxury dress rentals are having a moment. For those that want to invest more in their honeymoon and hire a beautiful designer wedding dress to wear for the day but then hand it back so that somebody else can enjoy the same experience,there are plenty of high-end options.

Cool brides are saving thousands by hiring their dresses and are able to wear beautiful designer dresses worth thousands!

Many brides are taking inspiration from Boris Johnson's partner Carrie Symonds' outfit during their surprise wedding ceremony at Westminster Cathedral. She was a beautiful bride in a lace wedding dress from Christos Costarellos which she is said to have rented for just £45 from MyWardrobeHQ - and this dress would have had a £2,830 price tag!

All about the Outdoors

With a level of unpredictability still around it's all about the outdoors and there is still a marked increase in beautiful outdoor weddings. The idea is not to be fully exposed to the elements for the ceremony or meal but there are options from five star to more rustic where hotels, venues and locations have become really creative to create semi-sheltered beautiful areas that are covered over and beautifully lit with twinkling lights but which still invite the natural décor of the great outdoors as a backdrop and canvas to add to the romance.

Technology with Taste!

We've all had a greater reliance on technology in recent months and this trend is being capitalised on in a big way when it comes to weddings for both the reception and ceremony. Drones are a big part of this new trend with drone videography and beautiful night skylight installations done with drone displays to digital invitations and ditching the paper.

Simplicity will Shine

Anything too 'try hard' is out for 2022 and simplicity is set to shine. Many couples are realising that it is not about all the accessories and adding complex layers to the celebration but it's all about the couple themselves and being surrounded by friends and family. It's minimalist to the max!

Happy wedding day!