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Ireland Tourism Boom Hits €8 Billion Annually

Aer Lingus, Runway, Dublin Airport by daa
Aer Lingus, Runway, Dublin Airport by daa

Irish Tourism records smashed in 2016, and the trend is set to continue into 2017. Dublin Airport welcomed over 27 Million passengers for the first time in 2016, and the CSO reported the highest number of overseas visitors since records begun.

Generating an estimated €6.2 billion for the Irish Tourist Industry, International visitor spending reached €4.7 Billion (up 9%), while air and sea carriers earned an estimated €1.5 billion in fares paid by visitors to Ireland. In 2016 Ireland also saw the creation of 20,000 new jobs in the tourism industry bringing the nationwide total to 230,000 employees.

According to the ITIC and CSO, all four top source markets are showing significant growth with an increase of 10% in holiday visitors, while business visitors and those coming to visit friends and relatives (VFR) were up 12%.