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Travel Pass to Reopen Borders Safely

(IATA) in the final phase of the IATA Travel Pass - Image (DAA)
(IATA) in the final phase of the IATA Travel Pass - Image (DAA)

To re-open borders without quarantine and restart aviation governments need to be confident that they are effectively mitigating the risk of importing COVID-19. This means having accurate information on passengers' COVID-19 health status.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that it is in the final development phase of a digital health pass that will support the safe re-opening of borders.

The Travel Pass will manage and verify the secure flow of necessary testing or vaccine information among governments, airlines, laboratories and travellers.

IATA is calling for systematic COVID-19 testing of all international travellers and the information flow infrastructure needed to enable this must support:

- Governments with the means to verify the authenticity of tests and the identity of those presenting the test certificates.

- Airlines with the ability to provide accurate information to their passengers on test requirements and verify that a passenger meets the requirements for travel.

- Laboratories with the means to issue digital certificates to passengers that will be recognized by governments, and;

- Travelers with accurate information on test requirements, where they can get tested or vaccinated, and the means to securely convey test information to airlines and border authorities.

"Today, borders are double locked. Testing is the first key to enable international travel without quarantine measures. We are bringing this to market in the coming months also to meet the needs of the various travel bubbles and public health corridors that are starting operation," said Alexandre de Juniac, IATA's Director General and CEO.