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Ireland can get there by December

Dr Tony Holohan - Chief Medical Officer, Ireland
Dr Tony Holohan - Chief Medical Officer, Ireland
Voice of reason - Dr Tony Holohan,Irish CMO

The measured voice of Dr Tony Holohan has guided us through unchartered waters and despite differing opinions, an overwhelming majority acknowledge the great debt we owe Government leaders, the HSE, NPHET and frontline workers for minimising the impact of the current pandemic.

Following today's small spike in coronavirus cases, Holohan emphasised the importance of washing hands, minimising contacts and wearing masks.

"The hard work undertaken by all of us over the last three weeks is to be commended, but we must not allow our success to date let us drop our guard against the spread of this disease.

"We need to hold firm to the public health advice: keep 2m distance, wash our hands, wear face coverings where appropriate and limit ourselves to essential contacts from our own household.

"If we can keep up high levels of compliance, we can get to where we need to be on the 1st of December."