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We're off to Sunny Spain!

Málaga on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol
Málaga on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol
Málaga on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol

Remarkably, Spain welcomed more than two million visitors from Ireland In 2017 and while most were there for R&R' an increasing number of Irish entrepreneurs and investors are exploring business opportunities in the Eurozone's 4th biggest economy.

Direct Investment into Spain reached 52 Billion € in 2018 - the highest level ever, and the country is currently experiencing sustained, aggressive growth. Foreign companies in Spain today account for more than 40% of the total industrial turnover yearly and 23% of the industrial employment. Spanish labour costs are between 20 and 40 per cent lower than those existing in France, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland or the UK

Spain has become a highly internationalised and open economy and is a base for 70 of the FORBES 'Top 100 Companies' and 90 out of 100 top R&D companies has a subsidiary in Spain. Spain is also a suitable platform within the European market for doing business with Latin America, North-African, The Mediterranean, and the Middle East countries

Indeed, a diversity of Spanish companies are emerging as world leaders in foreign markets.

Three out of every five flights worldwide are controlled using Spanish Air Navigation Management systems-ATM while in the infrastructure sector, Spain's ACS Group is the worlds leading international contractor.

Telefonica is now one of the largest telecommunications companies on the planet in terms of both market capitalisation and customer numbers, and the ICT sector (Information and Communication Technology) has experienced four years of consecutive growth, with turnover among the highest in Europe.

Along with the sun, sea and sangria, Spain's modern infrastructure, superb health care service and low crime rates make it an attractive European base.